Tips for beating the moving-day chaos


At TOAS, moving day refers to the moving-in and -out day. Moving day gives a great deal of headache both for those who move out and those who move in. Moving is a pretty gruelling experience both mentally and physically, people are almost always pressed for time and schedules never work out right. Apartment inspections and turning in your keys must also be taken in account in order for everything to run smoothly.

The notice period for a lease agreement is one calendar month as stipulated in the Act on Residential Leases. Therefore, if you submit your notice, e.g., on 30 November at the latest, your lease agreement will terminate on 31 December and your moving-out day will be 1 January. However, if 1 January falls on a weekend or a midweek holiday, the moving-out day will be the next working day.

The individual moving out has at least one month’s time to make preparations. While the individual moving out is always aware of the schedule, it sometimes appears that the moving out comes as a surprise to those who should move out, and the apartment is full of chaos when the new resident is already carrying in their belongings.

On the moving-in day, the new resident may fetch their keys from the Housing Office first thing in the morning and begin moving in immediately. Therefore, it is fully possible that moving-in and moving-out may coincide. On the moving day, the resident moving out must assign one half of the apartment for use by the new resident; in other words, there must be sufficient space in the apartment for the belongings of the new resident. It is clear that moving requires not only flexibility, but also planning ahead of time and a great deal of positive thinking in order to make the moving day as smooth as possible for both parties.

The four main tasks of the individual moving out after they have given their notice are the following.
If you cannot remember anything else, try to at least to bear in mind these:

  1. Pack your belongings well ahead of time.
  2. Arrange for movers and moving vans in advance.
  3. Clean your apartment throughly before the moving day. On the moving day, you are expected only to move your belongings out of the apartment. Once you have cleaned your apartment properly in advance, you only need to give the apartment a quick touch to ensure that the next resident will find it in good order.
  4. Make sure you empty the house storage room of your belongings and return your key to the Housing Office or hand it over directly to the new resident.

For additional information for moving out, please consult our webpage.