New! The tenant activity activator



The tenant activity activator is a TOAS grant for the implementation of a project to improve living or community spirit. 1,500 Euros in grants are distributed annually as a general project grant and as an incentive grant. An incentive grant is awarded for high-quality tenant activity in general.

Any tenant may come up with an idea for a project or event to improve tenant activity. One may apply for a grant for all of the expenses of the project or a part of them.

The tenant committee advisory board will process applications twice a year. Applications for the spring must be submitted by the end of March and applications for the winter by the end of October.

The application can be a text document or maybe a video. The application must include information about the applicants, an idea and an estimate of cost. If a grant is awarded, a short report must be submitted on its implementation.

For more information about applying for a grant, contact your own tenant committee.