New Managing Director chosen for TOAS


The Board of the Tampere Student Housing Foundation, TOAS, has chosen the local Kirsi Koski DI, eMBA as its new Managing Director.

Kirsi Koski will begin in her position at the end of September and will assume overall responsibility for the operations of the Foundation when the current Managing Director Timo Lehto retires.

“Timo Lehto has developed the operations of TOAS with credit and a long-term approach and numerous significant projects and bold enterprises have been carried out through his initiative for the benefit of students in Tampere. TOAS is a trailblazer in student accommodation, which has strengthened the pulling power of Tampere as a respected operator in its field. It’s good to go on from here and develop the operations of the Foundation in a timely manner while staying attached to the everyday life of the student”, says the Chairman of the Board of TOAS, Markku Kivikoski.

Kirsi Koski is coming in from the organisation of the City of Tampere, where she has already worked for a long time in a leading position in group management roles. She has a wide range of experience of the various areas of management and an extensive cooperative and interactive network set up, including the Tampere student community. Koski is someone who takes on a clearly visible role naturally and who takes things forward in a positive manner.

“With Koski, TOAS will get a leader who engages actively with issues, is marketing-minded and strengthens the brand of the Foundation. Under her leadership, TOAS will surely continue on a positive development track in all aspects. I believe that we’ll see new forms of cooperation and fresh thinking”, says Kivikoski.

The Tampere Student Housing Foundation, set up in 1959, is a significant part of the student life of Tampere. TOAS operates as a trailblazer in developing services related to student accommodation and the Foundation has about 6,000 student flats in Tampere. The turnover of the Foundation was €39 million in 2015 and the final total of the balance sheet was €301 million. Twenty people work for the Foundation.