Meeri: Tampere on a student budget
Winter is here! The lovely time of the year when it’s normal to feel like retiring from the world and sleeping 16 hours a day. Spending the next 4 months exclusively on your couch with Netflix and a cup of tea might sound like a great idea but after a…
Samuel: Basic tips for successful adaptation in a multi-cultural environment
It is a common saying that the world is a global village. However, living in a multicultural environment may pose some challenges such as cultural shock and problems with adaptation and settling. These challenges emanate from the disparities in cultural backgrounds, beliefs, ethics etc. It is normal to experience these…
Samuel’s blog
Hello! I am Samuel from Nigeria. I grew up in Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria. Growing up as a child was filled with so much fun as there were many kids in the neighborhood to play with. I remember how we regularly met at open grounds to listen to folktales,…
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