Students already living in Finland

Who is eligible to apply

You may apply for accommodation from TOAS once you have been accepted as a full-time student in one of the secondary or higher education institutions in Tampere region.

Your studies must be full-time and lead to diploma or degree. Also adult education may, in certain cases, entitle you to apply for accommodation from TOAS.  If you are unsure whether your studies are full-time, please contact TOAS office.

PhD students may apply the same way as Bachelor and Master students. All applicants must inform their monthly income and value of assets in their application. Should the applicant have high income, s/he has no priority in the queue.

Post-doctorals and researchers may apply only for the short-term accommodation. Short-term accommodation will be offered based on the availability, and the agreement will always be fixed-term.

TOAS checks the credit history of each applicant before sending an accommodation offer. Data on the credit history may affect to the applicant’s possibility to receive the accommodation. TOAS does not automatically reject the application but each case will be considered individually. If there is large or fresh data on the applicant’s credit history or the data is related to rental payments, TOAS may reject the application.

How to apply

You should start by familiarizing yourself with our website and the apartments and locations we offer. By filling in an online application you are placed in the queue for the locations you are applying for. You can apply for a shared apartment, a studio and a family apartment (separate application for each apartment type). You may define the apartment size, room number and in studios and family apartments also the maximum rent. Remember to finish the application before you start to submit a new one.

With this application all apartments are unfurnished, except for rooms in Pinja and shared apartments in Mikontalo.

You can only have one application per apartment type valid at a time, but you can apply for all apartment types. This means that you can have one shared apartment application, one studio application and one family apartment application valid at the same time, if you want.
NOTE: During the fall it is extremely difficult to get a room, as there is less availability and the newly accepted students are prioritized in the shared apartment queue. 


Your position in the queue is determined by the date the application has been registered to the TOAS system. You can modify the application as much as you want. You can delete locations or add them later on your application. If you add a new location to your application, you will be placed in the queue according to the date when the application has been originally submitted. If you wish to modify your application, do not submit a new application (it will replace your original application and you will start queuing from the beginning). To follow up your applications online you need to first register with TUPAS (Finnish online bank credentials) and then create a user ID and password for signing in. Please check from your bank that you can use your bank credentials for identification. In case you do not have the required bank credentials, please contact TOAS for further information. Note! If you already have a valid tenancy agreement with TOAS, you may follow up your applications online at myTOAS.

Remember that the application is valid for three (3) months at a time. Please note that the waiting time varies a lot in different areas and in different locations. If you do not renew your application before the expiration date, it will expire on its own and you will be removed from the queue. Expired applications will not be returned to the queue.

Getting an apartment offer

When you are on top of the queue and there is an apartment available that corresponds to your application, you will receive an apartment offer by email. When you receive the offer, your application is deleted from the queue (regardless whether you accept the offer or not). In order to be in the queue again, you must submit a new application. To accept the offer you have received, you need to pay the deposit and send the required attachments to TOAS by the given deadline. Only after all attachments are sent by the given deadline, the tenancy agreement is confirmed and you will be able to move to your new apartment!

Normally the tenancy agreements are made as an open-ended agreements which means that there is no ending date for the agreement. It is valid as long as you have the right to tenancy based on your studies. When you wish to move out, the termination time is one full calendar month.