No deposit apartments

As of April 2018, apartments can be rented without a deposit from designated locations. These locations are:

170 Pellavapää
250 Janka
260 Ankkari
290 Ismonraitti
411 Wäinölä 3
430 Erkkilä
600 Männikkö
710 Annala
720 Iso-Heikkilä ja
730 Kaisanpirtit.

All tenancy agreements are signed wihtout a separate deposit fee. The tenant’s responsibilities of taking good care of the apartment and rental payments stay unchanged. When moving out, in case the final cleaning is disregarded, the apartment requires repairs, keys are lost or rents unpaid, the costs will be charged from the tenant separately. If, after giving notice, the tenant has taken good care of the apartment, has performed the final cleaning and paid the rents accordingly, will the tenant’s responsibilities end toward TOAS once keys are returned.

Read more about the tenant’s responsibilities.

This pilot involves only the locations mentioned above and new agreements made for them after 1 April 2018. The pilot does not affect the existing tenancy agreements. All other TOAS locations have the normal deposit fee.

TOAS reserves the right to impose the deposit fee given in the price list to the apartment in case the tenant has bad credit rating or other justifiable reason on behalf of the lessor. Other justifiable reason may be the tenant’s eralier problematic tenancy with TOAS or previous mistreatment of a TOAS apartment.