Apartment types

At TOAS you can choose an apartment type that suites your needs the best. A room in a shared apartment is the cheapest option. For those who appreciate a spacious apartment, a studio or a family apartment is a good option.

Shared apartments

A room in a shared apartment is normally the apartment type that is the easiest and fastest to get, and also the cheapest! In a shared apartment you will have your own individual bedroom, and you will share the kitchen and the bathroom with 1-3 other students of the same gender. The bedroom doors have locks, so you have your own privacy. When living in a shared apartment, all tenants are responsible for their own rooms. Together they are also responsible for cleaning the common areas in the apartment.

are not allowed in shared apartments. Normally all shared apartments are unfurnished, except Mikontalo. When applying with the international application (for students moving from abroad), all rooms are always furnished.


A studio is an individual apartment where you have your own bathroom and kitchen within the apartment. Studios are the most popular apartment type at TOAS, which is why the waiting time is longer than for shared apartments. TOAS studios are always unfurnished (no beds, tables or chairs), but kitchens are always equipped with an oven, a stove, and a refrigerator. Pets are allowed in studios (except studios with shared kitchen).

Family apartments

TOAS has many different sizes of family apartments, from one bedroom up to three bedroom apartments. When applying for a family apartment, applicants with children are prioritized in the queue. You can apply for a family apartment with a friend as well but both of you need to be students in Tampere. You can also apply for a family apartment alone, flat mate is not required. The waiting time for a family apartment differs based on the location since some areas have longer queues than others. All family apartments are unfurnished (except Pinja).

Apartments with a friend

You can also apply an apartment together with your friend. Together you can apply for a shared apartment or for a family apartment. The availability of shared apartments for friends is very limited, as it requires a whole shared apartment to be empty for it to be available for friends. When applying for an apartment with a friend, keep in mind that both of you have to submit the application individually.

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